Hello universe!

I am Sandra. I’m a creative soul born and raised in Norway. And this space will be the place where all my passions come together.

My passion for photography will finally have a place to live. I have been obsessed with photography for as long as I can remember. As a kid I would fill up my mom’s camera roll with random photos of whatever caught my eye.

I will finally have a space to fill with random words!
Writing has been a hobby ever since my familiy got a stationary PC back in 1990-something. One of my earliest memories from my childhood is sitting at my dad’s computer, writing stories about dogs and horses. (I finally have my own dog now!)
I guess the passion to write was born as soon as I knew how to spell.

I’m also a certified Makeup Artist, and playing around with makeup and creating looks is my escape.

Other than creating, I have a huge appetite for spirituality and personal development. Who doesn’t want to become their best self?

xx, Sandra